About us


What it's like to work with us?


iDIGMA combines expert-level competence with leadership and personal touch. We are looking for forward-thinking and genuine individuals who are equipped with an inner compass for excellence and who share our passion for new data paradigms and best practices to transform organizations.


As a specialized service provider, we are always at the forefront of dynamic innovation and change in data strategy and management. To keep up with these developments, we share our knowledge and experience, invest a lot of time in training and support each other in our daily work on the client side.

Team Culture

We act, behave and interact like the adults we are. There is little room for drama and egomania, but plenty of room for professional development, strong team interaction, and immediate support from teammates when needed. We care about each other, not just projects or business, and fun is not something we strive for. Rather, it is the result of our daily work—and we have a lot of fun! Test it out!

Service Attitude

Our customers value us because of our expertise, professionalism, the high quality of our work and our ability to develop solutions to previously unsolved problems. This is what iDIGMA stands for as a brand and a company. Take the opportunity to become part of the iDIGMA and create a data-driven tomorrow together with us!

What can you expect

From day one, you will be involved in diverse and challenging projects in an international and data-driven environment. In addition to working on projects for clients, you will be invited to help shape iDIGMA internally. Wherever you see an opportunity to become better, you will get the chance to make it better.

You will be immediately integrated into our team, fully equipped with powerful technologies and working tools. Whether you are still a student, a motivated young graduate, or an experienced senior specialist, you will find the perfect platform for fast learning and personal development. We support all our specialists in their individual career planning, offer and enable opportunities for external self-expression and network development, and respect individual life situations.

What we expect from you

Passion & fascination

You are fascinated by our data driven tomorrow and are passionate about changing it for the better before others do.


Team player

The result of our work extends beyond individual capabilities. We help and support each other.


Analytical thinker & problem solver

Each project is unique in that it addresses specific challenges faced by the client. These challenges are usually a complex mix of technological, organizational and human aspects that need to be aligned simultaneously. This requires clear thinking, a strong analytical mind, common sense, excellent communication skills in speaking and listening, and creativity.



Our expertise and strong team capabilities empower us to take complex challenges off our clients’ shoulders, drive the solution development process and lead the implementation. This is what we mean by leadership in expert services. Do you want to be more than a consultant?


Personal development

We are never perfect and outgrown. We all invest a lot of time and effort to not only build our skills, but also develop our personalities – regardless of age or seniority. Are you open to growth?

We are hiring on a continuous basis

We do not hire people to fill predefined positions, we look for personalities and specialists around whom we can build jobs. Contact us to discuss what role we can create for you based on your individual profile!

Here some exemplary roles:

  • Intern: Data Governance & Management Consulting
  • Project Manager, Data Governance & Management Design & Implementation
  • Specialist / Consultant: Data Strategy Operationalization Specialist
  • Specialist / Advisor: Data Architecture (Senior / Junior)
  • Organisational Change Consultant – Data Transformation (Junior / Senior)
  • Data Regulation Operationalization Expert (Senior / Junior)

Let’s talk about your career

Send us a message and we will reach back to you.

Tell us about your passion for a data-driven tomorrow, your experience and qualifications and your goals and aspirations. Tell us how you see yourself growing as part of the iDIGMA team.


About us